Power/heat problem with my P771DM-G Laptop

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by chrisssj3, Mar 6, 2020.

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    So I used to get power disconnects with this laptop. Just straight after playing a game 5 for 10 minutes sometimes 30 minutes. Or when put up a stress test like furmark, pretty much instantly.
    And in a few occasions even when just browsing the internet.

    -Nvidia display driver lost level 3 error
    -Processor state limited by firmware event id 37

    Now my friend soldered a new VRM on my 980m and the power outages COMPLETELY stopped when running furmark or anything really. So I was happy and thought it was fixed. I run 6 hours Heaven Benchmark, and 2 hours furmark. Ran perfectly fine without a single freeze, crash or power outage. gputemps are 75 for heaven, and 78 max for furmark. cpu temp is around 65 fully stressed if i remember correctly.

    So It was curious for me to find out, when I started playing games again, that the game is still freezing. Giving me those errors in the windows log. about nvidia display driver lost and processor speed.
    Eventhough the game (I test with rune terra) is really not taxing 10-25% cpu and 4% gpu and 0.5 GB Vram in use. And im sure by now this is not a specific game issue.
    When this happens the image is just frozen in the screen and does not move, but I can use alt tab.
    I tried using TDR manipulatort to increase TDRlevel.. but that didn't help unfortunately.

    So what my friend did ,definitely helped. but it didn't completely fix the problem.

    Some things I read on google:
    "The "Speed of processor 0 in group is being limited by system firmware" warning message in event log, is commonly caused from Intel(R) SpeedStep Technology. Intel SpeedStep Technology, reduces the clock speed of your processor whenever your processor is idle, in order to reduce power consumption and heating"

    "The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. ... may be drawing excessive power or otherwise disrupting proper voltage regulation"

    "Kernel-Processor-Power Event ID 37 is not an error, it is a warning. It informs you that your system runs on low battery and therefore has reduced the speed."

    Some screenshots of my windows error logs


    We are at a complete loss what to do next.
    I hope someone can give some tips on what to try.

    My friend says it is likely still a power issue, caused by powersupply or VRM.
    So one thing we would like to know is, what VRM (voltage regulator module) are used for the mainboard of P771DM-G.

    Tried looking into this, but it doesn't seem you can make out of it, what VRM's are used.
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    Dis you check the pads are making proper contact?

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