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Discussion in 'Motorized Vehicles' started by Thaenatos, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Interesting you bring up the Jetta because the Tucson DCT, to me, felt like a VW DSG from 10 years ago. Fun to drive, but not without quirks. I've been keeping the Hyundai at my parents' place the last few weeks because I've been reviewing cars again, and the few times my dad has taken it out, he's absolutely hated it. I may, or have him, take it to another dealer for a second opinion as I've read reports online about some dealers not doing the software update correctly. The last time I talked to the lawyers regarding the lawsuit, they said they were engaged in settlement talks. Not sure what's come of it. I'm hoping for at least some small monetary compensation, a lifetime warranty on the transmission, and/or free fluid changes.

    Anyway, yes, I am in the suburbs. But Toyota and Lexus have their regional headquarters in Naperville, which is where their media fleet cars are registered, hence the Illinois plates. Same goes for Hyundai, Subaru, and Mercedes-Benz, though those cars get manufacturer tags.
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    Nice day for a ride? Don't mind if I do:


    Though I think someone forgot to tell the designers if you block the view with trees and poles, you can't really call it a scenic overlook.
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