Pls suggest Win Laptop, $750-900, 14-16" screen, 512 GB SSD, 4-6 hrs battery. Thanks

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    Request help buying a Windows Laptop with following specs

    1) Budget US$ 750 - US$ 1000 (seeking value for money, NOT style and looks). Price edited upwards, but unable to edit subject / heading line :-(
    2) Screen / size : c. Thin and Light; 13" - 14" screen OR d. Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen
    3) Will buy online. I will pay the delivery costs over and above budget in (1) above. So please assume , online purchase + budget above (edited this line so that it is easy for ppl to suggest options)
    4) Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asuz, Acer, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba : Most good brands are ok.
    5) Only NEW laptops please
    6) Primary tasks and apps : Web and client mail, Web browsing, Spread sheets (XL, Libre / open office etc), Word processing (MS Word, Open / Libre office), Presentations (PPt, Libre office), PDF (read using ADOBE, read write using some cheaper versions or open source), Any decent Password manager, Any decent Antivirus, File Zip / compress utility, etc . Will most probably buy some cloud space for saving docs and sheets (Google one or Office 365 or something better IF recommended)
    7) More than 50% on desk, Less than 50% portable
    8) gaming Not needed, Graphics editing Not neecessary; But IF Gamer laptops have better features and better value for money, pls suggest :)
    9) 4 to 6 hours battery good enough. if necessary will buy recommended backup power
    10) Ready for both online and physical buying . NO specific preference there
    11) OS Preference : Windows 10 Professional / full version - 1st preference , Mac OS - second ; rest like Linux etc : don't know, seems very tedious !! but open to suggestions
    12) & 13) High Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080) in matt screen
    14) Looks NOT important
    15) 512 GB SSD - 1st preference ; rest will take suggestions
    16) buying within next 3 months
    17) How long should it last ? : The longer it lasts for above specs and $$, the better it is
    18) can I live without one ? of course I can, but Would prefer a rugged, low failure, less headache model
    19) No need for on site warranty. 1 week or 10 days repair is ok

    thanks in advance
    best regards
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    Also look for a balance between build quality and specs, you can have a relatively high spec laptop at a cheap price but some of those can be pretty crappy and fall apart in a relatively short time frame... Like for example if you had a choice between a higher spec Inspiron G3 vs a slightly lower spec G5, I'd still go for the G5 as the G3 is pretty bad cooling and build quality wise.

    For a gaming laptop a G5 is pretty decent and you can get good discounts at times on Dell's site but its going to be like 5-6 lbs so on the heavier side vs the one kojack posted which is probably more portable with better battery life. I'd wait till BlackFiday around that time for better deals.

    I'd generally avoid Acer/HP, seen way too many people with those regret their purchases with them breaking down or having issues within a year or two. Sony also kinda started to go bad and they spun off their VAIO division which is now owned by JIP. Asus is a hit or miss.

    A bit against your requirements:

    While some may have a stigma against refurbs or returns, another decent option is a refurb Latitude 7 series like the Latitude 13 7000 which is also a good choice comes default with 3 Year in Home Service Warranty, $1,067 plus 213312Lat (12% Off Coupon) for ~$938. Regardless of what model you want, maybe consider looking at Dell's refurb site "Dell Outlet", I've gotten most of my personal laptops there, at steeper discounts with the onsite coupons vs the main Dell site. I've used hand me down Latitude's and Precisions in some of the worst conditions and temperatures for long periods and never had one fail so far, they generally last a long time and have better long term bios updates and software support.
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    I'd agree refurbed notebooks bought directly from the manufacturer outlet - Dell, Apple, HP and Lenovo all have outlets, offer the best value on a notebook with a warranty. Most outlet machines are returns sold with a nice discount and you at least a year of warranty directly from the manufacturer. I've personally bought from all of the manufacturer outlets and they always look new, though sometimes you don't get the fancy packaging. If you customize a notebook on the manufacturers website they tend to overcharge for upgrades. You could do the upgrades yourself and save some money that way, but the degree of difficulty can be high depending on the notebook. A pre-configured laptop is likely to cost more.

    I say all of the above because I think there's proclivity to think of refurbed notebooks as somehow being bad, but in opinion and experience, if you buy directly from the manufacturer, it's in practical terms the same new. You can of course new, but manufacturer refurbed merit consideration.

    The Latitude 7 series offer very good value. The XPS notebooks are well built, have good support and offer awesome screens, but I would ask yourself if you want a touch screen? Some people really like them, but due to the glass used for the touch surface, can sometimes produce significant glare and I noticed you said you wanted a matte screen. The 13" X series and 14-15" T series notebooks are well made all-around notebooks. A ThinkPad will get you a very good keyboard if you're doing a lot of typing. Good luck and welcome to NBR.

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