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    I need advice for my next purchase.
    Previously I owned Asus rog strix gl703gs and screen was terrible. Inverse ghosting because of aggressive overdrive all the time and lower fps (hz) makes things worse. On 60Hz it was awfull (trailing was really really bad) and some games and emulators requires 60fps or lower. Anyway I sold that laptop and want to buy a new one.

    I made selection on 3 models based on local availability and price.

    Here they are:

    Predator Helios 300 (2019) 17"
    i7 9750h
    16GB RAM
    fhd display 144hz
    and so on.

    HP Omen (2019) 17"
    i7 9750h
    16GB RAM
    fhd display 144hz
    and so on.

    HP Omen (2018) 17"
    i7 8750h
    gtx 1070
    16GB RAM
    fhd 144 or 120hz with G sync
    and so on.

    Price is about same, Helios is a bit pricier than other two but its ok.

    Informations online and reviews tells that first 2 laptops dont have g sync, but instead Optimus.
    I really like g sync and 1660ti is not capable to push 144 fps on majority of games on high or ultra quality
    so without g sync there will be tearing and stutternig.
    But on other hand thermal is better on those laptops and battery is much better also.
    Well, my questions are:

    On laptops with Optimus is it posibble to choose another refresh rate instead of 144, for example 75 and plays happily without tearing (i dont mind speed just smoothness, dont play competitive fps games)?

    Which one laptop you suggest me to buy from those 3 above?

    Thank you.

    P.S. Sorry for my english, because its not my native language.
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