Please help ASUS VivoBook S15 S510UQ throttles like crazy on battery power high performance

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Gabrio, Feb 3, 2021.

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    hi there,

    i will paste a link to the thread with the whole explanation

    and this summarises the situation which is relevant here:

    i've found the issue with throttle stop, i simply switched off the option BD PROCHOT

    When you untick that without touching anything else the CPU immediately shots to 3.38 ghz that's the correct number for high performance, and also if you put on balanced it goes correctly and same for power saver, so it's not just shooting it to the moon and that's it. on AC it shoots back up to 3.38, same load same everything.

    So long story short, this pc had a problem on the motherboard's connector from the battery to the mobo (the little white thing), there was a broken soldering which i had repaired a while ago in Germany, all good worked great for 1 year. Then the old battery was doing poorly recently so i got a new one.

    Opened the laptop, I installed it very carefully myself BUT when i plugged everything back the PC would no longer work on battery, fine on AC, i checked twice and then i thought better bring it to the repair center before i damage it further.

    They did a great job, 40€ and battery charges again, all looked normal, except for this crap now with the CPU speed on battery.

    So did something happen when the battery wasn't recognised for a while when i switched on the PC? or did they screw up something on the motherboard? it's so hard to pinpoint the issue now. When i turned on the PC from the repair center the computer's clock was off by 6 hours. A clue?

    I had a look at the inside now and they used some electronic glue, which they said is not conductive, etc. I cannot seem to find the CMOS battery to perform a reset. the only way would be removing completely this glue leave the battery disconnected for 5 mins perhaps, like they suggested to do on another thread


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