Planning on upgrading my display panel.

Discussion in 'Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades' started by Nemix77, Feb 3, 2012.

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    I'm planning on upgrading the display panel on my 17.3" Aspire 7750G once it gets back from the service center, every thing checked and working 100%.

    The current panel on my 7750G is a LG/Philips model LP173WD1-TLC1 LED 1600x900 Glossy in which the glare really bothers me even though I only use the laptop in doors.

    I'm looking to get the same resolution but in Matte even though I can get a higher 1080P panel I just don't like my text to be unread-ably small, if my laptop were a 18.4" then with out a doubt I'd go with a 1080P panel.

    Here are the models I'm looking at:

    LG/Philips LP173WD1-TLP5 1600x900 Matte

    This looks like a fairly good panel since I'm okay with the current LG/Philips panel I have, blacks and color is good but brightness seems lacking.

    This is newer revision of my current LG/Philips panel with higher brightness, better colors and better viewing angles but blacks is not as good (due to higher brightness) but still better then the two Samsung panels below.

    Review: Review Toshiba Satellite Pro L770-116 Notebook - Reviews

    Samsung LTN173KT01 1600x900 Matte

    I've owned a Samsung panel on my Y570 and think they are pretty good, very bright and colors are accurate but blacks are lacking.

    Samsung RF711-S02 1600x900 Matte

    This is the panel I'm leaning towards, from review the panel has very accurate colors, is a SuperBright display (brighter than the Samsung on top), blacks are acceptable (like the Samsung panel above) and it has a power save feature in which the the maximum brightness is reduce when on battery (max brightness on battery = same a Samsung above).

    In short, the panel is the same as Samsung LTN173KT01 model above just tweaked with more accurate colors, higher brightness (when plugged in) and better viewing angles.

    Review: Review Samsung RF711-S02DE Notebook - Reviews

    All these panels costs the same even the Samsung SuperBright panel but I'm not sure if my laptop will recognize the the SuperBright panel since it was made an found specifically on the Samsung RF-711 laptop.

    All opinions are welcome and if you have a 17.3" laptop with a very good panel let me know about it and the model.

    Last thing, I keep hearing about RGBLED/WLED panels and IPS panels but are there any that are in the resolution 1600x900 and matte?

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