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Discussion in 'Alienware 18 and M18x' started by Rotary Heart, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Alright long story short.

    I have been buying a couple of parts to get my M18x back to life. I searched for the triple pipe CPU Heatsink a couple of weeks ago and found that they have them listed for the R1 so I saved the link to purchase it later. On late June I went back to the page and started looking all the other products they are offering for the M18x I landed on the R2 3 pipe heatsink which I remembered I wanted to buy so I went ahead and bought it.

    When the item arrived I went ahead and try to put it on and realized that I got the wrong item. So I went back to the page and realized that they have the wrong part number for the R2 section 3 pipe heatsink. (Correct PN: 0MXJ5) I received the item 0VMK2, which is indeed a 3 pipe cpu heatsink, but for the Alienware 18 not the M18x R1-2. I went ahead and email them indicating that I got the wrong part. I realized that my error was not checking the part number, but since I already checked the R1 I thought that this was going to be the same item (since it should be the same one).

    Now in order to return the item they want me to pay for the shipping which is going to cost me $50 USD!! I'm going to have to keep this thing as a paper holder since I don't know anyone with an Alienware 18 that can buy it.....

    To be even more surprised the one they have for the M18x R2 (Which is an Alienware 18 one) is more expensive than the one they have for the Alienware 18!!!

    So if you are going to buy from them, I wouldn't recommend it, be super aware that they have some if not all of the parts wrong.

    Parts links:

    Alienware M18x R1 DP/N: 0MXJ5 00MXJ5 http://www.pchub.com/uph/laptop/423-111350-26631/Dell-Alienware-M18x-Cooling-Heatsink.html
    Alienware M18x R2 DP/N: 0VMK2 00VMK2 http://www.pchub.com/uph/laptop/423-144859-26630/Dell-Alienware-M18x-R2-Cooling-Heatsink.html
    Alienware 18 (M18x R3) p/n:00VMK2 0VMK2, AT0UN0090F0 http://www.pchub.com/uph/laptop/423-144890-39813/Dell-Alienware-M18X-R3-Cooling-Heatsink.html
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