Pavillion DV7-6118ez, successful panel replacement to FHD

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    These guys inspired me to tempt the change.
    This page was greatly helpful as well.

    Buying the replacement panel
    I was able to find a used original B173HW01 V4 (AUO149D) from a private seller in nearby UK.
    Be careful, companies on ebay or amazon will offer «compatible» panels.
    But from the photos it looks like this company has an original for sale.

    Here you can see how the original Chimei Innolux and the replacement AUO compare.,738

    Can it get better?
    The AUO panel performs greatly with 1920x1080 and brightness control works fine.
    But I think it could do even better, because Windows 10, 1909 says the monitor did not migrate properly and there are just 2 resolutions to choose from.

    So, I tried to find a matching .inf file for B173HW01 V4 alias AUO149D - no success.
    Later I searched for a colour profile (.icm file), with some success here.
    This profile results in a much warmer picture (as if you had Windows 10 “night mode” active).

    Questions / Support
    Do I need a proper .inf? Where do I find it?
    Do I need a colour profile and if yes, where do I find more profiles to choose from?
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