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Discussion in 'Security and Anti-Virus Software' started by Drew1, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Hey all. I have lot of documents in my laptop that i like to encrypt. I am using windows 10.

    For example, i have quite a bit of documents that i like to password protect as these documents are sensitive information. I also have some pictures as well that i like to. But basically its openoffice documents, openoffice word documents, microsoft office documents and adobe files.

    Can someone tell me how i can do this? Do i need to download any special 3rd party software to do this?

    Earlier i had clicked on a folder that had about 6 files there, right clicked on that folder, properties, advanced...

    And there is option to check Encrypt contents to secure data.

    Am i suppose to check this? And if so, when i do this,

    It says

    You have chosen to make the following changes


    Do you want to apply this change to this folder only or apply to to all subfolders as well?

    I assume its the 2nd option

    Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files?

    When i do this, all i see is a yellow lock over that folder. However, i can click on that folder... and not only that, i see a lock on each of those 6 documents in those folders. But of course i could open each one easily by clicking on it. It doesn't even ask me to input a password. These documents in this folder are basically photos taken from my iphone.

    Can someone tell me how i can do this correctly?

    I also assume its different if your document is a photo, openoffice excel, openoffice word, microsoft excel and adobe file right?

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    I would take a look at VeraCrypt, which will do what you're asking for; it can create an encrypted, password-protected container in which you can store whatever files you want inside of it.

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