Passive Cooling Methods on Metal Laptop Bodies / Frames

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Maleko48, May 4, 2018.

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    100% of 99% of the time, it is meant to be semi-permanent sometimes... :p:D
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    After several hours of reworking my TurboTube (lol) I managed to bring it from having only 2 inner sinks on the bottom wall to having 3 inner sinks on the bottom wall AND 3 inner sinks on the top wall IN ADDITION TO the 3 external sinks sitting on top of the top wall.

    If anyone wants to attempt to replicate this design, I would suggest going for a 200mm total length and saving yourself the hassle of trying to secure 3 (100mm) sinks for each section.

    This thing is a brick now! (In a good way.) My only concern is that I had to go with 2mm of total thermal pads height on the padding that physically connects the TT to the laptop body due to ever so slightly upward bevels at the edges of the 7577's keyboard body surface area. However with the correct clearances that means the entire tube makes nice even contact with the body of the laptop unlike the last revision. (I wasn't confident in the previous connection despite it looking decent.)

    Anyways, it's late and I'm tired with a big day tomorrow. I plan on running Prime95 a bit tomorrow while I do stuff around the house to see what I can see. :)

    20180517_031704.jpg 20180517_031646.jpg 20180517_013434.jpg 20180517_024124.jpg

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