Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 Thread/FAQ

Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by ADOR, Mar 15, 2012.

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    Back again after a series of distractions.

    20161021_115247_result.jpg 20161021_115401_result.jpg

    This is what I had done as of last month. I have since confirmed that I can in fact screw an sma jack into the hole in question, however it might interfere with the GPS/WWAN boards if I install one of those. I also need to find another cable as the one I have is too short.

    20161021_115425_result.jpg 20161021_115317_result.jpg

    On that note, is there a compatible board with 2 available usb ports instead of GPS + 1 free port (the customtoughbooks board)?

    I have also looked into putting a TNC jack into where the modem jack currently is. I havent done it yet as it would be a permanent mod with metal cement. I dont foresee ever needing a modem anyway.


    The battery in my hp GPS is getting a bit fat, so a good time for surgery. Top to bottom in the pic is antenna, GPS processor, bluetooth serial board. I assume the 6 black wires bundled together are rs232 but I havent tested yet. The price of the customtoughbooks kit is a bit more than I am happy to pay, and I also value the DIY aspect of this. I can make reasonably durable plastic parts from recycled styrofoam but the 'snot green' color isnt very nice. If I cant successfully do my own internal gps mod I can use a serial garmin unit, so this more for the DIY experience.

    More updates soon
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