P870KM1-G from ObsidianPC (Second-hand)

Discussion in 'Reseller Feedback Forum' started by veyronworld, Jan 31, 2018.

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    Hey y'all!

    This is my first high-end gaming PC of any kind. And boy oh boy is it worth it. It's a Clevo P870KM1-G with a i7-7700K, a GTX 1080, 32GB RAM, a 256GB SM961 NVMe SSD, 1TB 850 EVO SATA SSD. More specs here.

    I bought this second hand off of another member through the NBR Marketplace, as you can see here (Shout out to @dm477 :)) and I've been pretty happy with it's performance. I was informed by both @dm477 and John from ObsidianPC ( @John@OBSIDIAN-PC ) that the remainder of the warranty would transfer over to me (I think a year and a quarter is left at this point, maybe slightly more). But for what I paid and what I got, it was a god-damn bargain!

    I reran the benchmarks that Obsidian had provided and I had slightly higher scores than the screenshots that they provided, which was nice!

    I had a minor issue with the keyboard RGB colours not working perfectly on the right side of the keyboard, so John shipped over a replacement keyboard after trying to diagnose the issue with me, and after a couple of days of fiddling around, I got the new keyboard to work completely perfectly and only paid for posting back the old keyboard, which was pretty cheap!

    Beyond that, anything that came up, John helped and diagnosed the issues that came up relatively quickly (which I'm thankful for, knowing that the whole Spectre/Meltdown stuff came out, and Clevo published some new BIOSes around the time that these issues happened, which means that he's hard at work programming the next versions of the BIOSes for the supported lineup as well as the Obsidian Tools suite. So god help you John!)

    For someone who was in the UK, and had to pay VAT, even a brand new laptop from Obsidian would be the bees-knees, but having a 2nd-hand laptop at that price was kind of unbeatable for quite a few reasons. And having the support I had at every step from John and ObsidianPC was just top-notch. Plus, I couldn't get HIDEvolution for a few reasons, including VAT and shipping times as I was in the UK and preoccupied with many things at the time.

    If you're in the EU, I whole-heartedly recommend them for your next laptop purchase. They're basically HIDEvolution for people in the EU. Even if you can get HIDEvolution, I'd still recommend you look at what they have and their prices, you might be impressed. ;)

    (P.S. This is not to put down HIDEvolution by the way. The amount of support that they have from other forum members like @Phoenix speaks volumes of their reputation and quality beyond what I could ever say, and so does the fact that I've looked at them and even called up Donald quite a while ago before considering any other options. Competition is great. IMO, you will never go wrong with either them or Obsidian, plus you'll notice that I've referred to Obsidian as "HIDEvolution for people in the EU", so there you go. Though I have to say, a small reason that I picked Obsidian may have been because of their logo, and perhaps because they're called Obsidian, which may or may not be the name of the developer of my favourite game of all time: Fallout: New Vegas. I cannot confirm or deny these statements, however. :D).
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