P775TM1-G sometimes won't boot unless plugged-in

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by Anesthesiologist, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Hello all,

    Yet another weird issue!

    So, sometimes, even when the battery is at 100% capacity, when I turn on my laptop, it won't stay booted unless I plug it in/turn on the UPS/power-strip it's plugged into. In any case, it will get to the UEFI intro screen (style note) screen, and then shut off. From here, it will refuse to boot unless it gets wall or UPS power. Once I satisfy it this way, it will turn on, and then when I unplug it from power, it will remain on as normal. What's weird is that it doesn't do this every time, but sporadically.

    I have another P775TM1-G, however, it does not have this issue, even when I don't use it for a while. I have already RMA;'d the battery, to which the problem disappeared for a while and then came back.

    I bought mine from Xidax.

    Yes, I tried the boot sequence with nothing plugged in the laptop and it still sometimes happens. I have two 27 inch monitors connected through Display port, a an external thunderbolt 3 ssd, and a Corsair RGB keyboard and mouse.

    Xidax wants me to sent the laptop in, but I of course don't want to send it in unnecessarily before the awesome guys of Notebook review take a gander at the issue.

    I am curious if other folks are having this issue, or if this truly sounds like a motherboard issue. I just don't want to expose my laptop to the transit trip or lazy hands if I really don't have to.

    Any assistance at all would gladly be appreciated! :)

    Oh! And I have had this laptop since about April of 2019. The two year warranty expires next month--so I definitely want to nip this in the bud asap.

    Thanks all!!

    Specs: Nvidia RTX 2080
    Intel Core i9 9900k
    64gb ram
    Windows 10 Home
    4K 60HZ Gsync
    Dual PG279Qs connected to the mDP ports on back of unit
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    I would be on the same track with the battery / PSU. Seems like there's an underlying issue in either the BIOS or possibly the CMOS battery needs to be swapped.

    If you use the battery / PSU on the other laptop does it follow?

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