P775DM3-G graphic artifacts, stuttering and no GPU compute

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by Mnddbbl, Jan 9, 2018.

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    ^^^ Yes, this is definitely the correct suggestion.

    @Mnddbbl - have you contacted our support about this problem again?

    The suggestions about CPU problems and downclocking/undervolting aren't worth worrying about at the moment until there is proof that overheating could be a direct cause of the problem you're experiencing. We're basically looking at a problem with the cable, mainboard or GPU as people have suggested in this thread - either or all of these potential issues can be rectified under your warranty - so we just need you to have a chat directly with our support team and get the laptop back up and running to you ASAP.

    If the problem looked like it was fixed in the first RMA and then it took 4 months to resurface (or a similar issue resurfaced) then I would suggest that the testing in the first RMA was comprehensive enough to have fixed the original fault (as reported and discovered by our engineers) and to have not shown up in testing before it was shipped out to you again. These cases do happen, I've seen reports on here in which a laptop returns from RMA (not from us) and it still has the exact same problem as before, even though a repair has been made. The simple fact of different usage environments can show up a problem, or an intermittent fault can sometimes seem to have been repaired without the actual core problem having been addressed.

    If you contact us directly, we can help resolve the problem for you :)

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