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Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by mjoshi123, Oct 20, 2019.

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    I ordered P73 with Core i7-9750H, 32GB RAM, 512SSd & RTX3000. My primary use is for Digital photography. I got mine yesterday, in between delivering one of wedding gallery so have not transitioned things yet to new laptop fully.

    My current system is EVGA SC17 and moving from that to this one.
    Few of my initial observations.
    1) Screen quality of 4K looks well calibrated, have not compared side by side with SC17 yet though.
    2) For a 17.3" machine screen does not look that big, and also laptop is relatively lighter side. Compared to SC17.
    3) Keyboard, I think I will miss out on SC17, as SC17 keyboard is lot better compared to what Lenovo got.
    4) I've opened up laptop to add one extra GB of nvme SSD that I got from Amazon. Internals are very well laid out and easily accessible. When you add new nVme SSD you will need to first detract it in your BIOS then only it shows up in disk management. Otherwise it is not showing up on disk explorer.
    5) This is perhaps the best surprise so far - the TWO RAM slots right up are empty - so looks like it would be very easy to add extra RAM - and wont have to dig deeper into other parts of laptop.
    6) My primary use is Lightroom, Photoshop and Video Editing. - So bigger question, how do I move Photoshop CC from my SC17 to P73 ? I don't want to end up reinstalling all PS Actions as well as portraiture and other PS Plugins, Rest of software I can always reinstall but Photoshop is pain in but to add all other settings that I've created over period of time on older laptop.
    8) There is a design flaw I think with the design of the machine - if you have seen SC17 or used it, you will know that bottom of SC17 have a beautiful rubber raiser on screen side, which gives little elevation to the laptop, allowing it to dissipate heat better compared to laying it flat. This one seems like sitting all flat on the bottom.
    9) Face recognition works very well with the machine, no issues at all.
    10) System seems to be pretty fast, will know more once I start using with LR and PS and load large RAW files from Sony A7Riii.
    11) It's got beautiful matte black finish, but still from design point of view I think SC17 looks bit more sexy compared to P73, P73 got more of industrial clean cuts, whereas SC17 looks more refined. Although the SC17 feels like tank and weighs like one, compared to P73.

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    Thanks for the insights. I had a T580 with 4K screen pass through my hands earlier this year. The screen was gorgeous.

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