P30 pro, One +7 Pro, Samsung, iPhone, or just wait!?

Discussion in 'Smartphones and Tablets' started by TD123, Jun 15, 2019.

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    I'm sure we've all been through all the specs.. Each phone has incredible upgrades but I feel that each one misses the mark where the other phone excels but misses the mark elsewhere.

    Here's my dream phone: P30 Pro Cameras, Popup front camera, 120Hz UHD Dolby Vision display, Dolby Atmos speakers, 12+ GB ram, non-edge display, removable storage, can run on any major wireless network, and waterproof in a Samsung Note Size Package.(hell, throw in a built in stylus while we're at it). Any other suggestions? This doesn't seem very unrealistic seeing that all these features are in various phones. We get custom built computers, why not phones? I understand they are mass produced, but so are computers.. yet when we go online to order them we agree to wait the extra time to modify the build.
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    You can wait all you want or when the water seems to be warm enough you can jump in. Tech is a moving target but your lens seems to be focused on features which are not here now. You can find 90 Hrz refresh rates on several devices 120 but isn't on anyone's near term road-map and in the end would do nothing but run down your battery faster without providing you any benefit should someone offer it. That is why it isn't on anyone's road-map. You will also gain no benefit from android with 12 gigs even in any imaginable future that involves a phone you buy now but hope 12 gigs is relevant later because a phone built now will be hopelessly archaic by that time.

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