P150EM GPU Issues, best solution for reinstalling windows

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by Aeyix, Sep 18, 2019.

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    So long story short, my GPU has seemingly died today. Bought it like 1.5-2 years ago to replace my dead original one. This time it's even worse as my system will freeze if the card is activated. First all of a sudden my computer freezed up, then bsod'd, then hung in the boot screen. Boot repairs did nothing. Tried rebooting, finally got in after awhile of just waiting. Launched a game and it mentioned something about hardware changes. Checked device manager and sure enough the OS disabled the GTX 680M due to malfunction. If I manually disable then reenable it, the system freezes up again. There are seemingly no event logs for it passed Aug 30th which is weird (the issue started today). I don't know what is wrong, but I don't really care to bang my head trying to trouble shoot it as I attempted to do that with my last gpu and ultimately it was hardware issues. I currently just keep the GPU disabled and all is fine, just like last time I had hardware issues.

    My friend has offered to sell me his devil's canyon build for $400 and I just have to get myself a gpu which is fine by me. Thing is my laptop still functions fine as long as the GTX 680M is disabled. Now I plan on using my SSD on the desktop I'm buying as he would only be offering me a 120GB one and that's not enough. I'd like to still operate this laptop, potentially as a server granted with only integrated graphics, I'm not sure how capable it'd be of running something like a private minecraft server for example. I have an mSATA drive for it so I wouldn't mind running Windows or Linux off of that. My primary concern is will I even be able to install an OS given that when the 680M is active, the system hangs? I doubt I'd even be able to properly install the necessary drivers so that I can at least have my fans deactivating properly when it's not in use. And to my understanding, I cannot just remove the card from the MXM slot as it won't boot then? So what exactly are my options? The best thing I've come up with is to shrink the main drive down to a size smaller than the mSATA drive, creating an OS image using windows, then seeing if I can install the image onto the mSATA drive. I feel like this might be the only way to maintain the OS with the dGPU freezes. Is that a doable method as I've never dealt with something like that before?

    I appreciate all and any advice. I knew I've been on borrowed time with this machine. It just couldn't be more inconvenient as all of these things always seem to be.
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    So.. If you have possibilities to check your gtx into another Clevo machines and second check Mainboard and PCie GPU slot. Anyway.. If you need spare parts we have still everything on stock.

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    You would need to keep it disabled but the machine will function without the dgpu enabled. @Prema had a modified bios that would let you remove the card entirely and not make the ECU panic.

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