Overthinking, did I make the right choice?

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by starshard, Oct 13, 2021 at 6:05 AM.

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    Hello all, I need your help. since yesterday when I ordered my Lenovo 5 pro 2021 I am sitting here unable to stop looking at reviews thinking and overthinking if i made the right choice. I got the 3060 version, though there was a non-pro with 3070.
    I've never owned a gaming laptop, I'm coming from an acer since 2014, before that I owned a Lenovo laptop entry level, but its hinge broke so I'm pretty stressed out, though I heard that the build quality is good.
    What worries me is:
    Can I disable turbo boost? I don't plan to play super heavy games, but I wanted a strong laptop that would hopefully last me 7 maybe 8 years for video editing, office work, blogging etc.
    Also, how loud is the fan noise? is it annoying if i leave the laptop turned 24-7 and I sleep in the same room? All the laptops I've owned had quiet fans, especially acer, it kind of spoiled me really bad.
    What about coil whine?
    Any pro or contra? Thanks! If you think that I should cancel the delivery, what can I buy with good build quality and quiet fans?
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    Lenovo usually has a decent build to it. I had a Y720 that was sturdy and the fans kick down when not in use. Sleeping shouldn't be an issue with the white noise.

    Turbo boost.... there's probably a way to hack it if there's not a ready made button for it. There's a "control center" app though that allowed my to tweak settings from Lenovo like RGB / Power profile / fans .

    I leave my current Clevo on 24/7 and it's fine. I've had other laptops in the past though that I wouldn't leave on 24/7 because they were in fact noisy but, most in the past 5 years aren't quite as loud to deal with.

    If you don't like it, then return it. Put it through the paces as soon as it arrives as most return windows are quite short.

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