Overclocking crashes, new driver gimp or something else? What program to use to determine stable OC?

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    So I have noticed lately that when my gpu goes to 98-99% utilization, the frequency drops to around 1596mhz, while previously it would stay in the high 1600's. I can do something like 137mhz extra stable and have it be around 1650mhz in full gpu usage, but I swear I used to be able to make it go higher. IDK, maybe I need to raise memory clock when doing that? I dont mess with that much.

    I dont suppose this is the make key to making laptop overclocking more viable yes?

    If so, what do you recommend to determine stable OC frequency, before and after having that extra 100mv? I am not sure, but maybe I can add the 100mv and then run the OC scanner to see if I get a higher recommended curve? That thing did crash on me a few times, and I dont like crashing just to see what is stable and isnt.
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