overall issues with programs updating themselves

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by paulofeg, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Any program that downloads another version of itself and attempts to overwrite itself in order to update is being affected.

    I'll explain Speecy asks for permission to download and I give permission the install bar starts moving right and then stops and tells me it can't find the file to overwrite. Any program that does this in a similar fashion fails the exact same way. Did windows or some other program update in a way to cause this problem?
    Its a major pain in the butt because when the program fails to update properly it deletes that file and program must be reinstalled with a file from the providers website.

    Ive never seen this happen before and i'm asking for your help in figuring it out.
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    Some programs might be affected in a way you describe due to a major Windows updates.
    Two of the affected programs for me have been RyzenMaster and Asus Rog Gaming center - their uninstalation files were affected and were 'stuck' in the system. Similarly, I could not update RyzenMaster at all as some of its files were missing after a major Win update.
    I had to use MS program install and uninstal to remove them from the OS (Windows 10 Pro x64).

    But, apart from the two mentioned programs, I hadn't experienced issues with CCleaner or any other software.

    Have you had a recent Windows update that might have caused this?
    Are you using an OEM install of Windows (and which Windows are you using)?

    Have you ran Malwarebytes free to check out your system for malware in general?
    How recently has this been happening?
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