Optimus and dgpu settings?

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    I've been tinkering with a hp laptop and a couple of motherboards with a mxm slot. I have a h110 and h310 chipset motherboard with mxm slots and I've been exploring what cards I can use. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get my hands on any 10 or 20 series cards but I have been playing with 800, 900, quadros and amd workstation and server mxm cards with success as dgpu's.

    I'm currently playing with a Quadro Rtx 3000 on my hp zbook g2 with a mxm waterblock and get alright performance. The laptop was originally going to be my flashing station for my current setup to swap cards over and finally make my cheap gaming computer. With the Quadro rtx 3000, it will post on my h310 motherboard but when I install the same drivers to it, I lose the display. The monitor says it is still getting a signal but it's just a blank black screen. But when I use my p4000, I have no issues at all.

    Is it trying to install the drivers to run the card in Optimus? Is there a way to work around that? The motherboard doesn't allow a display off the igpu, so it's disabled and there's no power constraints that I can tell.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I will try to post pictures of what I have going on. I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

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