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Discussion in 'e-GPU (External Graphics) Discussion' started by Jan231, May 21, 2018.

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    So a few years ago I dabbled at this concept with a lenovo T420/T510 with little success using a pe4c/express card/mpcie and an evga 500w with some gpu i cant remember. If I can remember correctly the interface ended up burning up and would not turn on and thought that at that point was pretty useless to pursue. Fast forward around 4 years My curiosity has struck me and I want to try this again with an EXP GDC Beast 8.0 interface using the MPCIE interface with either an hp probook 6570b or a lenovo t510.

    To my understanding if I were to order this from Amazon it does not come with the power supply correct? So then what is a good power supply to get for the unit itself? I keep reading about the Dell DA-2 power brick And how there needs to be power modifications made and also how the connectors need to be forced in order to fit and I'm not trying to go through all that to be honest.I am fairly aware of the bandwidth limitations so I'm not expecting desktop performance. Also it has become very unclear as to if there is a maximum PSU wattage for a GPU that the GDC can support. I'm not sure if I had a defective PE4C and it burnt up or if it was due to a power issue. Idk..

    It would be nice to get a low profile graphics card that doesn't need A seperate PSU But if I have to then so be it. Not really a problem just want everything to work. I would also like a power supply that can fit inside one of those beast cases that can be ordered online.

    To get an idea I play fighting games namely tekken 7, mortal kombat x, rise of the tomb raider, metal gear solid 5.. etc... Again not looking for perfect performance but an acceptable frame rate. Not looking to play my games on Max or ultra either but would be nice if I could.

    Basically need power brick for exp, GPU and potential PSU for GPU recommendations

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    Well for starters, the EXP needs an external PSU for itself to run it (EX a monitor adapter) that comes with most of them? not to sure... as for a low profile GPU, you would still need an external PSU, as the EXP can't provide PCIE power without one. I would go with a name brand PSU thats atleast 300W Gold efficiency.

    24.99 w/Prime

    34.99 w/ Prime

    As for GPU recommendations, a parameters such as you wouldn't mind if you bought a used GPU or what your budget is would be nice, but I'll do my best
    Ebay pricing give or take
    $50 HD 7770=R7 260/GTX 560ti Low/720p/30-45fps
    $75-80 HD 7850=R9 270/7870=R9 270x or GTX 750 (ti)/GTX660 | New: GT 1030 Med/High 720p/med 1080p/ 45fps
    $100-125 HD 7950=R9 280/ GTX 670(680) |New: GTX 1050 High 720p/Med,High 1080p 60fps
    Maybe someone else can help you if you need to a better GPU?

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