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Discussion in 'Alienware 18 and M18x' started by Djz, Apr 21, 2017.

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    So last year my girl threw me out and I sold my mx18 r2 for 500 usd as she was battle worn scratched and banged up but still fired true.

    This year my girl threw me out again except I want to celebrate by rebuying the mx18 r2.

    Any advice on 2017 since so much has changed since 2013 when I bought one last ?

    Should I buy a bare bones one and just toss in a extreme i7 and a newer nvidia?

    Are mobos drivers acc batteries power bricks lcd monitors still available? Case fans etc?

    What's the deal on a good OS? I've never used or heard anything about Windows 10 but I have a innate sense to avoid at all costs. I was using win 7 64 bit but I remember it was losing support at win 10 launch.

    Will redhat or Ubuntu support this beast? I had a low end qm i7 with a 660 nvidia and it ran everything good enough back then.

    I'm not too certain of extreme i7 modulations that work fit in pins or are currently supported since its discontinued. And I'm unsure what the mobo will support in terms of gpus.

    Realistically I'd like to plug and play without any bios issues or firmware updates as I'm not even sure what their last bios was. I remember over clocking was bios ready but the qm was not supportive of that feature.

    They seem to all still be a grand used which worries me without knowing usage history , lack of warranty, and possibly part locator problems.

    I simply believe it was the greatest laptop ever created by man and I need it back.

    Saw 1 on eBay tricked out for over 7 grand so I figure it can handle newer chipsets. I've been laptop less since I sold mine so I'm behind the times as to what's out there.

    I remember sli throttling issues so figure 1 nvidia chip would suffice. Took me forever to get the i7 not to throttle pcsx 2 but even solved that back in the day.

    Think I was using ivy bridge but have no idea what's out today. Maxwell ? Wouldn't that become a problem with legacy boot options . I have no idea any help would be appreciated

    Dj z
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    For your M18X-R2 buy a Intel 3940XM processor, 32GB RAM DDR3L, dual 980M(sli) and 1TB Samsung SSD EVO. With this you will have a notebook better than many new models out there in stores. Just remember to update to A11 unlocked firmware before upgrade.
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