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Discussion in 'Alienware Area-51/Aurora and Legacy Systems' started by protivakid, May 26, 2017.

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    Starting a new thread since my old is locked and I cannot fix the image links:

    So my OCZ Agility 2 crapped out on me and I needed a replacement. I read through all of the problems @p377y7h33f was having with putting a new SSD in his M5750. I figured he was just having bad luck so I grabbed a new Intel 535 480GB drive. I noticed like @p377y7h33f my Windows installation was very slow and all my applications were taking MUCH longer to open, especially on a fresh Windows 7 install. I decided to benchmark the Intel drive. The results (below) were terrible. 7.23 MB/s Read speed. Well at least I knew what was going on. I tried the same drive on my newer M11X and got 223.21 MB/s read. From reading @p377y7h33fposts and from my own testing there seems to be an incompatibility with newer SSD's and older laptops. Just something to watch out for.

    @p377y7h33f Said the a PNY Optima drive worked great for him so despite the controller controversy those drives have I grabbed a 480GB one from Tiger Direct. Was only $140 after rebate. I threw in the drive and the Windows 7 install flew. Everything is now opening as fast as it did with the Agility. I ran the benchmark tool and got 84.72 MB/s. Not bad for a 9yr old laptop without the AHCI option. My PNY Optima firmware is showing as N081 which from this thread seems to be the structure for SMI firmware.

    OCZ Agility 2 - Controller: SandForce 1222 - Tester: Protivakid
    PNY Optima SSD7SC480GOPT-RB - Controller: SMI (Firm: N081) - Tester: Protivakid
    PNY Optima 120GB - Tester: p377y7h33f

    NOT working:
    Intel 535 SSDSC2BW480H601 - Controller: Custom Intel (Firm: RD20) - Tester: Protivakid
    Kingston 256GB SATA-II - Tester: p377y7h33f
    OCZ Vertex 3 240GB - Controller: SandForce® 2281 - Tester: p377y7h33f

    I will add others if anyone else keeping these things alive chimes in :)

    Intel 535 on my M5750

    Intel 535 on my M11X

    PNY Optima 480GB on my M5750

    Link to the old thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/old-alienware-ssd-compatibility-thread.778099/
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