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    I dont have pictures at the moment but one of the reasons I went through so much paste is because I was needing it on all of the ICs as well since the pads became dirty after a few repastes. That took the majority and then another reason is because at first I was repasting the top plate where the CPU heat pipe lands on the GPU heatsink. Lastly I dont have super steady hands and I tend to need to redo the paste once or twice until I feel I have it right. I have also been trying to be as careful as I can not to put too much paste making sure to cover just the shiny bit and as thin as the spreader would let me. And I do have a bit of ooze on all sides of the chip. I will take some pictures next time I get the chance idk if that will be this week though. Thanks for the info about the pads I had no idea they were that good I will see about transitioning to that if I cant get better results with the paste
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    In my opinion if you really want to be thorough, get some pressure papers, which are like litmus papers but for pressures across a surface area. You can then figure out what is actually bad with your setup, given the results of the mounting pressure on the paper. Depending upon the result take the best possible way to solve the problem.

    For the GPU, messing with the .cfg files will only make afterburner more unstable and crash a hell of a lot more. What I would do to improve temps would be to set fan speed at 55% fixed mode, run the OC Scanner ability in the latest beta version of Afterburner (assuming you have the latest drivers). It’ll adjust your voltage frequency curve via an algorithm. Since you cannot manipulate any temperature or power limits, you artificially create one by limiting your fan speeds. It’s your worst case scenario. Test the OC. It should be in the 90%confidence interval, although anything above 60% is acceptable (that’s what Nvidia says not me). Run your fan at max speeds with the new curve applied and you should be good to go.

    I don’t know whether this will help or not but I got my CPU stable at 3.6 al core at -150mv undervolt with 65A through the chip and 55W, 65W power limits. Temps are around 65-77C while playing siege on very high preset and taa at 45% of 2880*1620

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