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    Great experience, before and after the sale. The online chat will help you build the best laptop for you; they're even open to discuss reasonable customizations, in my case I opted for an entirely different display option (4k IPS 100% Adobe RGB). The laptop (P870KM1) arrived well protected and performed as advertised with low and even temperatures between all cores. They even provide they're own bios, full customizable; even when pushing the laptop I never experienced throttling. Another bonus is their 'Obsidian Tools' to quickly and safely manage drivers and bios updates. I had a problem with the laptop after a few months, they quickly identified the problem and and just re-flashed the v-bios without having to send the laptop back to CLEVO. They're competent and kind people, if you're in Europe definitely check they're laptops. A personal thank to Joao (a.k.a. Deadpool) for his patience and support.
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