Nvidia Quadro K4000M/K5000M in Clevo P151HM1

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    I got a Dell Quadro K4000M a while back to install in my Clevo P151HM1, replacing a Clevo GTX 480M that has been developing issues. However, there seems to be a minor compatibility issue between the system BIOS and the card BIOS. On POST, the machine pauses for a couple of minutes and beeps a few times before booting the OS. After booting the OS, the card seems to work fine, except the PCI subsystem ID is not correct - should be 1028:153F (there are references to this in the VBIOS dump), but the Clevo BIOS appears to rewrite this to 1558:0000. Interestingly, the drivers from NVIDIA ignore the subsystem ID, so no INF modifications were necessary and the card works correctly in both Linux and Windows. The long POST would just be an annoyance, save for the fact that I cannot get into the BIOS setup and boot device selection screens anymore. The computer is running the latest BIOS from Clevo. I believe the solution would be a mod to the card's VBIOS, however I am not sure exactly what has to be done.

    I did find a couple of modded VBIOS for overclocking purposes over on tech inferno, but these did not solve the POST issue. The currently installed VBIOS on the K4000M is 80.04.5a.00.02.

    I also have a K5000M on the way that I can try and would ideally like to use instead of the K4000M, though I am expecting a similar result.

    Does anyone on here know if there is a workaround for this, or where I might be able to get modified VBIOS for the K4000M or K5000M? @Prema, perhaps? Thanks!

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