NP900X4D - a few keys suddenly have died. Seems hardware related.

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by pasticcere, Aug 24, 2021.

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    A few keys have suddenly over-night gone dead on my Series 9 NP900X4D.

    It is out of warranty and the dead keys remain dead whether I am in Windows 10 or boot into a Linux live CD, so I guess this is a hardware issue?

    Over a year ago I spilled some serious cocacola over this section of the keyboard, but I removed all the keycaps and cleaned with q-tips and alcohol, and the keyboard has worked fine for over a year since.

    Three keys are now (since a few weeks) completely dead (red in the image). The function of a fourth seems to have moved to the key beside it (yellow in the image).

    Does anyone have any tips regarding what I could do myself to troubleshoot this? Or do I have to contend with using an external keyboard from now on?

    I have removed the key caps but no serious dirt or guck is visible. I have opened the back case and removed the battery, but at that stage I decided I was out of my depth teardown-wise and did never get to see the keyboard or motherboard sections more closely.

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    I suspect that it is a delayed action consequence of the drinks spill. Replacement keyboards are available but it's not an easy swap as you have to completely dismantle the computer to get to the underside of the top housing and, when you get there, you'll find that the keyboard is bonded to it, not screwed. Your alternative would be to search for the complete top housing for the NP900X4C or X4D (the former is more common but black) or one of those computers being sold as "parts only" because of some other fault.
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