NP900X3F-K01SE all boot options

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by lexungton, May 17, 2017.

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    What I did not do, I always get the inscription - all the boot options are tested, press the f4 key to recover.
    Tried to enter the BIOS, remove the hard drive, Insert USB (Win 8.1)
    In any print, the system reboots a cyclic

    What can be done?

    The disk was completely cleaned and has no recovery :(
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    Hi lexungton, welcome to NBR.

    Are you able to get into BIOS with F2 (after a cold start)? Do you know if your computer is running in UEFI mode or in legacy BIOS mode? (I believe this model was delivered with Win8 and thus delivered in UEFI mode.)

    IF you are UNable to get into BIOS with F2 AND you're running in UEFI mode, you may be suffering from an UEFI induced problem that has plagued many owners of this generation of Samsung laptops. It causes the NVRAM used by BIOS to be corrupt, preventing the F-keys from working during boot and causes various boot problems.

    See this thread from earlier this week about the same problem. I suggest you study it and the links it contains.

    The guide here and that entire thread is dedicated to discussing this problem and ways to solve it. The challenge will be to boot some form of Windows (any version, including WinPE, either from SSD, USB or DVD) since you will need that to clear the NVRAM.

    But start out reading those threads. It is possible that your problem is entirely different.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.
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