NP300E5C + SRS6 recovery problem

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    Dear friends, sorry to bother everyone in this beautiful Christmas time, but I desperately need an advice and support.

    Tried to play around with recreating recovery environment on another (spare) HDD and ran into a problem: during recovery process SRS6 tells me that a partition is too small for a recovery. And frankly I dont understand what exact partition SRS6 talks about. And I cant get any further.
    Tried to read corresponding topics, guides, but without success.

    What I did:
    - created USB Admin Tool succesfully
    - copied Samsung backup files (user01.mast, user01.w01, user01.w02, user01.wcl, user01.woo, total size 9.7GB) to another large USB flash drive so SRS6 would use it as a recovery source.
    - removed original 500GB SATA2 HDD , inserted "sandbox" SATA1 160GB HDD
    - Succesfully booted USB AdminTool, first partition option = ticked and default sizes, second partition option = ticked, increased DATA Recovery from default 10GB to 25GB, "Install recovery area"=ticked, "Boot fix"=ticked. Everything else - unticked.
    - Succesfully rebooted (F4) into recovery environment, SRS6 recognized backup point with mast-w01-w02-wcl-woo files, recovery rollout started, I confirm loosing all data on C drive, and after that get error about small partition.
    - Tried to play around with C drive size using MiniTool Partition Wizard (which disabled F4, but i restored it with AdminTool option BootFix) - unluckily, with no success.

    Alongside I have other questions:
    1. So far I have backed up WCL (3.9GB) and WOO files, should I use them during AdminTool partition sequence? Every guide I read does not mention INIT options..
    2. Original partition layout is based upon 500GB drive. My sandbox drive is 160GB. Can it be a problem since backed up partitions C: (system) and D: are larger, and its versions on 160GB sandbox drive are smaller?
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