"Not Having a Ray Tracing GPU in 2019 is Just Crazy!" - Nvidia CEO

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    tl;dr - Jensen put his foot in his mouth again spewing BS about RTX, Nvidia's Researcher Morgan McGuire at SIGGRAPH 2019 stepped out of ranks and predicted the FIRST ray-tracing only game won't arrive until 2023 - leaving todays RTX GPU's out of the running - and Assetto Corsa Competizione Dumps NVIDIA RTX.

    Played out in painful slow motion, RTX is going nowhere fast - and the "early supporters" are reneging on their commitment to deliver RTX features - releasing without RTX features and with no plan to ever provide RTX features. It's going to be many years, and many generations of GPU's before 100% full-time ray-tracing in games will be seen.

    Just ask Nvidia's researcher Morgan McGuire on Twitter:
    Morgan McGiuire #1.jpg

    "Morgan McGuire, one of Nvidia’s top researchers, took to Twitter earlier this week to predict that consumers can expect to see the first must-have game that requires ray tracing by the year 2023.

    The tweet also included a link to publicly available presentation slides by other Nvidia scientists for this year’s Siggraph computer graphics conference. Most tantalizingly, the tweet featured an image of a single from McGuire’s own presentation, “From Raster to Rays in Games,” included among those of his Nvidia colleagues on the linked Siggraph page."

    Oh, it looks like [Nvidia?] took down Morgan McGuire's twitter post...how embarrassing for them...here is the text of the tweet as quoted in the video included below:
    Morgan McGiuire Quote.jpg
    And, Scott Herkelman of AMD agrees:
    Scott Herkelman Responds to Morgan McGuire.jpg
    Nvidia RTX GPU's of today won't even be useful for the ray-tracing only game play Morgan McGuire predicts to arrive by 2023. By 2023 powerful enough GPU's and games optimized to run on those new far more powerful GPU's will begin to be available, years from now.

    Nvidia's top engineer says here in 2019 that it will be 2023 before RTX will be useful as a ray-tracing only game, and I think he is being wildly optimistic - that's only 2 generations of GPU's away and software developers are already burned out on providing useless RTX feature's - useless compared to spending resources on actual gameplay.

    The first top-tier ray tracing-only game will land in 2023, Nvidia guru says
    By Jonathan Terrasi — Posted on July 30, 2019 2:23PM PST

    "In practice, however, it is possible to execute a play to cement dominance over a new format too early. AMD’s reluctance to chart a coherent long-term ray tracing strategy may be a sign that Nvidia has initiated just such a premature gambit, especially considering how ruthless and calculated AMD has been as of late — if AMD isn’t concerned about ray tracing, maybe Nvidia is getting ahead of itself."

    Another game developer refuses to waste time on RTX BS, and ships without it, abandoning the sinking ship of RTX:

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Dumps NVIDIA RTX
    by btarunr Friday, August 16th 2019, 01:25 Discuss (59 Comments)

    "Assetto Corsa Competizione, the big AAA race simulator slated for a September release, will lack support for NVIDIA RTX real-time raytracing technology, not just at launch, but even the foreseeable future. The Italian game studio Kunos Simulazioni in response to a specific question on the Steam Community forums confirmed that the game will not receive NVIDIA RTX support.

    "Our priority is to improve, optimize, and evolve all aspects of ACC. If after our long list of priorities the level of optimization of the title, and the maturity of the technology, permits a full blown implementation of RTX, we will gladly explore the possibility, but as of now there is no reason to steal development resources and time for a very low frame rate implementation," said the developer, in response to a question about NVIDIA RTX support at launch.

    This is significant, as Assetto Corsa Competizione was one of the posterboys of RTX, and featured in the very first list by NVIDIA, of RTX-ready games under development."

    Vya Domus - "The gist of all this is that developers are starting to realize that "hey this is a lot work and we have zero incentive to do it". That's all."

    Whether the rest of the early games promising RTX support even go so far as to admit this, none of them want to waste time, money, resource on RTX, as RTX offers their customers no real value - no improvement in game play - and developers know that's what gamers want to buy - gameplay first, shiny RTX nonsense dead last or not at all.

    "Not Having a Ray Tracing GPU in 2019 is Just Crazy!" - Nvidia CEO
    Boot Sequence
    Published on Aug 16, 2019
    Ahh, Real-time Ray tracing. The most revolutionary tech to come to pc gaming since the move to 3d graphics. Dare I say it, its an even bigger deal than 3d. I mean how dare you tell me that this, doesn’t look miles better than this. You have Ray-traced shadows, global illumination, and even reflections. On top of that, it just works. Seriously, at this point, it’s a foregone conclusion that if you’re going to buy a new graphics card, it’s going to last you two, three, four years, and to not have ray tracing is just crazy.”

    And scene. I don’t believe a word of what I just said, but , that last bit there, the “At this point, it’s a foregone conclusion that if you’re going to buy a new graphics card, it’s going to last you a long time and to not have ray tracing is just crazy.” is a direct quote from Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang during their Q&A session for their earnings call.

    I mean how gullible does the company think gamers are[?] Sure, Ray tracing adds a new layer to the gaming world and it’s appreciable, but to say that “in 2019 it's crazy not to have a hardware accelerated real time ray tracing card” is the worst marketing ploy I've ever seen. Especially when the market has a completely different focus right now.

    We don't need ray tracing, we need affordable high refresh rate monitors to go with our affordable GPU's that can push these frame rates.

    The worst part is that one of Nvidia’s top researcher even tweeted that consumers can expect to see the first game to require ray tracing in 2023. That’s a long way away and AMD’s Scott Herkelman even agreed. By then, real time ray tracing will even have evolved with more things being raytraced on the scene making cards like the current super line obsolete in that department. The really odd thing is that this tweet from the researcher is no longer available. Almost like a company wanted to shut him up.
    Nvidia CEO Quote : https://bit.ly/2YTh028
    Asseto Corsa not supporting RTX : https://bit.ly/2Naiden
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    And here I thought I was crazy for wanting more AMD in laptops.
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    Nvidia has another terrible quarter, with the Nvidia bulls clutching at straws, all numbers down tremendously year over year, I'll update with a full list of numbers later, here's a short snippet:
    Nvidia 2019 2nd Quarterly Financials - looking bad willis....JPG

    Nvidia got a small upblip by the bulls from the earnings call, but Nvidia's still way down:
    Nvidia down overall the last year - small upblip is nothing.JPG

    From the same earnings call Jensen made that silly statement trying to push the RTX GPU's - that aren't selling - but what about all of the new Nvidia non-RTX GPU's? Apparently Jensen thinks those are a bad buy / investment for the future...

    Nvidia's CEO calls it "crazy" to buy a GPU without raytracing
    Erm... what about the GTX Turing series?
    Published: 16th August 2019 | Source: Nvidia | Author: Mark Campbell

    "Nvidia's CEO calls it "crazy" to buy a GPU without raytracing
    During the company's Q2 FY2020 Financials webcast, Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang has stated that it's "crazy" to purchase a new graphics card that lacks support for raytracing.

    Here's the full quote; "At this point, it’s a foregone conclusion that if you’re going to buy a new graphics card, it’s going to last you two, three, four years, and to not have ray tracing is just crazy."

    While Jensen's statement makes sense from a futureproofing perspective, it doesn't make sense when you look at Nvidia's current product lineup. Within the past three months, Nvidia has released their GTX 1660 Ti, GTX 1660 and GTX 1650 graphics cards, all of which lack support for RTX raytracing. Yes, Nvidia has, in a roundabout way, said that it is "crazy" to purchase three of its most recent graphics cards.

    With his statement, Jensen is targetting AMD's Radeon RX 5700 series of graphics cards, which currently lack support for hardware-accelerated raytracing. These graphics cards compete with the Geforce RTX and Geforce RTX Super series, all of which support hardware-accelerated raytracing
    (Jensen doesn't recommend the GTX 1660 Ti)"

    AngryGoldfish - "Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it sounds like he's trying to get people to buy big Turing because of lack lustre sales and is hoping consumers will not actually 'keep their graphics card for four years' and will instead replace said 2080/2080Ti with a new and shiny one in 2020 or 2021".

    Bridges - "You'd be crazy to invest in a proprietary, poorly supported, overpriced implementation of ray-tracing too. Given that both of the next consoles are all AMD and will support ray-tracing to some degree, the idea that people are going to be playing ray-traced games on their RTX 2070 four years from now is pretty funny."

    Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang calls it "crazy" to buy a GPU without raytracing.
    Thread starter IbizaPocholo Start date Yesterday at 9:37 PM

    CRON - "I played Metro Exodus with raytracing enabled and not once during my playthrough did I notice it."

    lol - Jensen Huang calls “crazy” buying a video card without ray tracing
    Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by LIGuitar77, Aug 17, 2019 at 1:29 PM.

    -Tj- "Yeah he saw it doesn't sell so good, so had to make some silly statements..."

    SerotoNiN - "Considering this claim of buying a gpu for the next 2-4 years...ray tracing is so abysmal just in frame rates right now that it would be crazy to buy an RTX card now and think it will run games 2-4 years out. Especially with a new generation of consoles with more demanding graphics a year away. What a stupid comment by a petty man. I don't mind nvidia as a product, but every time they open their mouth, it makes me want to go full on AMD next upgrade. And I just might."
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