News: Repairability index score (indice de réparabilité)

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    France has passed a regulation requiring manufacturers of some consumer devices to calculate and publish a repairability index score. Initially it applies to smartphones, laptop/notebook computers, televisions, washing machines, and lawn mowers.

    The criteria include:
    - documentation: availability of technical documents used to repair the device
    - dissassembly/reassembly: how easy is it to take a part and put back together
    - availability of spare parts: no repair vs. only mfr can repair vs. from mfr store vs. open market
    - price of spare parts: (avg part price + max part price) / device price
    - special criteria: includes ease of software/firmware updates for digital devices

    The score is calculated by the manufacturer based on a standard spreadsheet. Component scores for the above criteria are published, but not the input data to the spreadsheet.

    The regulation went into effect 1 January 2021 so manufacturers are starting to show scores on French web sites. (The scoring wasn't finalized until December 2020, and missing scores won't be penalized for the first year.)

    [One benefit may be that all devices will be have scores, not just the most popular devices reviewed by sites like iFixit upon release. Another benefit is that the scores are published in the specifications, so consumers do not have to know about sites like iFixit to compare repairability.]

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