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new y500 wifi issues

Discussion in 'IdeaPad & Essential' started by jeri534, May 9, 2013.

  1. jeri534

    jeri534 Notebook Enthusiast

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    Just received my Y500. First windows 8 laptop. I cant seem to connect to my wifi. I keep getting "limited" access but I don't get any connectivity. My phone and my tablet connect to the router just fine. Ive tried latest drivers, Ive tried windows 7 drivers, no luck. I put my phone as a mobile hotspot and it connected immediately. Any ideas? I don't have access to the router but I don't know how to proceed if I know other devices work with the router, and that my laptops wifi connects to another router just fine.
    Ive also connected my usb wifi adapter and it works perfectly fine.

    Any ideas?

  2. gnan10

    gnan10 Notebook Enthusiast

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    Go to device manager-> network adapters
    Under this catogory select ur 2230n wifi card
    Rightclick on it
    select Uninstall
    Then Check the option uninstall driver software also..
    Reboot and try to connect...
    It was worked for me.

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  3. BlazeHN

    BlazeHN Notebook Consultant

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    Had a similar problem, just did as gnan10 said (and additionally reinstalling the drivers) and problem fixed.

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