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    This is a notice of a new rule we're putting in place and enforcing now.

    "Vendor shilling, whether compensated or not, is strictly prohibited on the forum, including in WNSIB, and will be cause for permanent ban."

    Using/encouraging users to advertise manufacturers and/or resellers is prohibited. There is nothing wrong with an honest recommendation or having preference, but there is a difference between that and advertising/vendor shilling. All users are encouraged to report this behavior to a moderator.

    Examples of user-vendor shilling:
    1) Repeated unwarranted/unasked recommendation of specific sites/resellers.
    Examples include "success stories" of sales, phone numbers and/or direct contact with sellers promoted, promotional messages like referencing (discounts etc).

    2) "I just bought this from X company" topics
    Making a thread about a vendor experience only is prohibited. You are encouraged to participate and enrich the community, but we don't discriminate where you bought your machine from.

    3) Vendor specific services
    When a user’s help and support of the community is only offered to specific vendor buyers, this can make said user to be considered as Company Representative and/or Vendor Shilling. This is prohibited.

    Moderators will review reported posts as well as behavior to determine if the rule has been broken, and in cases will approach offending users when needed.
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