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    It shouldn't reach 100C if the cooling system is working properly. Run HWiNFO, select Sensors and let it interrogate the Dell EC. This will give additional temperature information and also the fan speed. At what temperature does the fan start running at maximum speed and what is this speed? HWiNFO also shows the CPU power consumption. What is the CPU package power when running your high performance tasks? Do these tasks fully load both the CPU and GPU?

    If the temperature continues to rise once the fan has reached maximum speed then the problem is most likely to be poor CPU pasting. Dell may be willing to send someone to redo the paste but you can get a better result by doing it yourself with a better quality paste (I use Noctua NT-H1 but other people have different favourites - see the hardware forum). Follow the disassembly instructions in the manual to remove the heat sink, thoroughly clean both the heat sink and the CPU and apply a small amount of paste. The equivalent of a couple of grains of rice is plenty - the objective is to have a very thin layer which fills any gaps between CPU and heatsink, extra thickness reduces the efficiency. Also remove any fluff from the cooling system. Then reassemble and check the effect on the temperature. If not a big difference then repeat with more or less paste - you will see when taking off the heat sink if there's too much or too little.


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