new 7720 - what is the most logical solution to add a second monitor + other questions

Discussion in 'Dell Latitude, Vostro, and Precision' started by builthatch, Dec 30, 2017.

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    hi - i posted about how i can't stand the texture of the FHD IPS screen that came on my 17.3" 7720.

    for photo editing, i have to add a decent quality external monitor.

    given my work space, i am looking at prospective monitors in the 23" range.

    my machine has the Quadro M1200.

    1. any suggestions for a budget (under $200) 23" or so monitor that will fall within the spec confines of the M1200 and would be ideal for photo editing? I asked Nvidia about this card and 4K and they said while the GPU comes with support for 4K, they referred me to Dell, believe it or not, as they said in my specific application Dell may have customized it in a way that changes things.

    2. i was going into this thinking i would just run an HDMI cable from the laptop for the editing sessions where i'd employ the external monitor. and then add a tiny keyboard and a small Wacom tablet. does that make sense? or should i be looking at another way to connect the monitor and those peripherals? i don't know if a dock makes sense - i feel like if i was spending more time with it in that work space, the docking station makes the most sense. but i will be spending a relatively small percentage of overall time with this machine at the desk. again, solely for photo editing. the rest of the time i will be in other areas doing web things, spreadsheets, etc. and will not be needing the peripherals.

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