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Netflix issue on Samsung Series 7 Model NP700Z5C-S02UB

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by TechBill, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. TechBill

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    I recently purchased Samsung Series 7 Model NP700Z5C-S02UB a couple of days ago from BestBuy for my college and light gaming purposes.

    When I started up Netflix Windows 8 app, it loads fine but trying to play any video produce this error, Windows Graphics Driver Update required - Error code : W8158

    So I went to Samsung support site and did search there, found a post that user having similar problem that I am experience and Samsung response was that user need to contact Netflix about this error.

    Last night I chatted with Netflix and they said my laptop needed to upgrade the Windows Graphics Driver so they instructed me how to get to the Windows Update to open optional driver list but there were no optional list button to click on to open it. Netflix blame it on Windows 8 and tell me I need to contact Microsoft on this issue.

    I have a pretty good knowledge when it come to Windows and I am very aware what Netflix was talking about "optional update list" but I am very new to Windows 8 so either there no new optional driver that the button is not displaying for it or I am assuming since Samsung added their own update software and some how disable that optional function in Windows Update .

    Anyone here can help me out and how can I fix this so I can watch Netflix on my new Samsung laptop?

    Thank you

    Chatted with Samsung tech today , They told me to "refresh windows" One of those new feature in Windows 8 which sort of work like Windows Repair saving your datas etc but restore all OS files

    Netflix start working again ... Then I went to SW Update and updated Nvidia drivers, error came back again ...

    Guess the Nvidia driver from samsung doesn't play nice with Netflix then ...

    Is there a generic Nvidia driver that will work on this laptop?

    Also my screen if you look at very slight angle completely fades out or black out ...


    Update - Went to Nvidia site and let it auto detect my laptop

    It recommended a driver so I downloaded it and installed it,

    Netflix is working again

  2. hamtech

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    Hi bill ,

    I'm excited to pick up my laptop just like yours, So how was the unit itself ? it there any issues ? aside from netflix thing ?

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