Needing to move "Smart Recovery" to new drive intact

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    I would like to keep F9 function working and have the gigabyte image still. I instantly swapped into a 2TB NVMe instead of the 760P the Aero 15 came with. I want to put it all on USB with their utility but it says my OS Image was not prepared by Gigabyte (1903 clean) so I cannot lol.

    So far my steps have been as such:
    1. Use easeus partition manager to clone the WinRE and SystemImage partitions at the end of the orig. drive
    2. Mount both partitions to ensure the .swm files and stuff are all still fine
    3. Use Diskpart to assign the proper GPT value that marks them as Recovery partitions and ensured it worked
    4. Disable WinRE with reagentc
    5. Used reagentc to set image to the winRE that was cloned off orig drive
    6. Reenabled WinRE
    7. Tested that WinRE still functions (it does!)
    8. Did advanced restart and clicked the function "GIGABYTE Smart Recovery"
    9. Watched Smart Recovery open an empty window for 4 seconds then close and reboot to current OS
    10. Rebooted again and smashed F9 like a madwoman only to have nothing happen
    11. Ran Gigabytes F9 Fix for 1903/1909
    12. Rebooted AGAIN and smashed F9 without success
    13. Came here and made this post in frustration
    Im at a loss with what went wrong...i thought I went overboard to ensure it was all up to snuff even.
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