Need opinions for my Corolla Cost to own/Cost per mile

Discussion in 'Motorized Vehicles' started by HopelesslyFaithful, Oct 12, 2013.

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    it will never end....never let them get an inch because they'll take a mile. History keeps repeating because no one likes to remember history -_-

    I was getting lazy with my chart and i couldn't find any simple info in the manual quickly so i plan on just emailing Toyota deal near buy....i am sure they have it on the wall for reference....why spend the time researching when someone else has done it already ^^

    I would have figured they would have a simple one page chart for easy reference for every maintenance but i guess no one is that logical. They expect you to look at every section -_-

    Down the road i'll get one of those cool books with everything in it. They are really handy.
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