Need help replacing bios chips of a XPS 9550

Discussion in 'Dell XPS and Studio XPS' started by anolymous, Oct 13, 2018.

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    Hi guys,
    I have recently bought a bricked XPS 9550 for a couple of bucks and currently trying to replace the bios chips. I have bought the new ones on ebay, and the seller provided me with two chips
    • Main bios chip: W25Q128JV -- 128 Mb SPI flash
    • Aux bios chip (for ME and other stuffs I think): W25Q32JV - 32 Mb SPI flash.
    After masking all the mainboard with kapton tape, ready to start de-soldering, I have noticed that the chips are actually different. Soldered on board there are:
    • Main bios chip: W25Q32JV -- 128 Mb SPI & QPI flash
    • AUX bios chip: W25Q80DV -- 8Mb SPI flash
    So my question is, Does the seller sent me the wrong chips? My main concerns regards the second chip. The main one is more ore less the same, but the second one is 4 time bigger than the one soldered on board. It should not be a problem, if the seller flashed the right stuff, but I am not that confident about it.
    Any Idea?

    PS: I have already tried all the recovery options. The laptop recognize bios_img.rcv, confirmed by the battery led not blinking error codes, but the screen remains black, and nothing happen.
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    That's fine; 128Mb is already overkill for bios+ec+me, so it likely contains all of them on the same chip. The other chip might be for the Thunderbolt's firmware storage. You could read out both eeproms and verify their contents to make sure.

    Hmm ... also, if you're unsure whether it's the bios or me that is corrupt then simply swap the main chip first and see whether it will boot.

    If the main chip alone is not sufficient then do make sure you have the right secondary chip on the mb; there will be more than one 8Mb eeprom on the mb. Apart from TB, LAN, TPM and vbios also need a place and they're not always included in the main bios as an oprom.
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