Need help in deciding between GS65 vs Aero 15x vs ROG SCSR II

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Is going for MSI GS65/ Aero 15x worth or should I opt for SCAR II

  1. MSI GS65/ Aero 15x

  2. SCAR II

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    Hi , I am unable to narrow down between the above mentioned laptops.
    Although for GS65 and Aero 15x after black light bleed check and thermal cooling extra $195 in total it is turning out to be pretty expensive.
    My cousin will be buying it in the USA and getting it to India(where I live) and the first two laptops are turning out to be expensive.

    Is it really worth spending $400 more for either GS65 / Aero 15x (also I'll need to buy a HDD aswell ) over SCAR II ?

    I'm not a heavy gamer and play CS GO , GTA V and PUBG occassionally and not for long stretches of times.
    So keeping longevity in mind , do you guys have an opinion about current issues the laptops are facing and which has lesser chances of having issues down the line.

    Thanks in advance.

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