Need Direction -- LED blink codes for Clevo P650SE/Sager NP8651 (Eurocom) troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by geltoid, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Hi there,

    I have a rebranded Clevo P650SE/Sager NP8651 that started having intermittent LED screen issues (flickering, lines, power on/off, those kind of things) -- all common signs of a dying LED screen. However, before I got the chance to purchase a new screen and replace it, the laptop stopped working altogether. The screen went dead, and the laptop shut itself off mid-use.

    Now, the laptop will not power on at all. I removed the faulty screen to see if that was causing the issue - it wasn't. The computer is getting power (the charging LED is lit when plugged in), however the laptop will not power on at all.

    The front LED panel blinks green twice, then nothing when the on button is depressed. I have tried contacting Eurocom's customer service, but they are atrocious (I had a major issue with them when I first purchased the laptop - we had a well documented conflict that lasted over 3 months), and since they don't seem to care about their customers, I need to try to take matters into my own hands and diagnose the problem myself.

    I have looked extensively online, but I cannot find a reference for the LED blink codes anywhere. I assume the bad screen shorted something somewhere, but without any guidence I'm not sure if it is something trivial, repairable, or I now have an expensive paperweight.

    If anyone could help out -- or direct me to the right place -- I would be greatly appreciative.

    Again, thanks for your time, and sorry if this is the wrong place.
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