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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Yakuza701, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. Yakuza701

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    What I want is a laptop that I can play the following games on
    Dayz - on medium to low settings
    WOW - on low settings
    Vice city - medium settings
    GTA IV - low settings
    And that multiplayer san Andreas game - on low medium settings

    Then I would also like to maybe do a lil video editing and capture card stuff with my Xbox 360

    And very lil bit of beat making stuff something like garage band
    Computers i was look at are

    MacBook pro the 13in with 500gb
    A vostro 1500
    And maybe a used alien ware
    But i don't know anything or what im looking for so what are some good models of the alien ware

    I would like to not spend more then 1000 but my friend just got a MacBook and i really like but not sure if itd be good for gaming if it is then ill spend the like 1500bucks for it

    Toshiba Qosmio X775 Gaming Laptop | Bismarck, ND

    The link is to a computer that's being sold locally the vostro is also local but the vostro has windows 8

    So what one should I get

  2. Tmets

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    Don't pay that much for the Qosmio. It wasn't great when it was released, and that one is two gens old now. If it's any more than $450, it's too much, and I wouldn't even pay that.
    Look at a Clevo W350ST or Lenovo Y510p for around the same price. The performance is much better than any Mac.
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    Your requirements are all over the place and minimal for the type of budget you have. You can easily get your hands on a decent gaming laptop with all the bells and whistles for under $1000. If you do go up to $1500, you should be able to get your hands on a laptop with a GTX 770/AMD HD 8970M which should allow you to play the games at maximum settings.

    Look at a custom laptop from Mythlogic/XoticPC/PowerNotebooks/GentechPC/ProStar/LPC Digital, etc.

    Ignore the laptop you have linked to.

    The cheapest laptop I could find with decent gaming performance was this one.
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