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    Can you implement TLS? It seems counter-intuitive that MFA is implemented but i'm still sending my credentials and TOTP over an insecure connection.

    Your site would also benefit from the bump in SEO ranking that is afforded sites that are using TLS and HSTS.
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    I'll request it ...I have no ability to enact this kind of change, it's up to the site admins.

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    Security is one thing but soon you'll see blocking of all file types.

    Chrome is blocking downloads? Here is why! Ghacks.com | Today

    If you have upgraded the Google Chrome browser to version 86, released on October 6, 2020, you may have noticed that some file downloads don't work anymore in the browser. You click on the download link and nothing happens. Chrome does not display a notification and there is virtually no information that explains what is happening, or not happening in this case. A check of the downloads page of the browser does not even list the file.

    Google announced in early 2020 that it will block content that is served via the insecure HTTP if the originating page uses HTTPS. The company decided to roll out the feature gradually by adding more and more file types to the blocklist. Executable files, e.g. .exe or .bat, are the first file types to be blocked, and the release of Chrome 86 put that block in place. Future versions of Chrome will block non-executable file types such as PDF, ZIP, or JPG files.

    Closing Words

    The blocked file types implementation lacks clarity and information. Users who don't know about the Developer Tools won't know why a file cannot be downloaded in Chrome. The right-click bypass may work for now, but it is not clear that it does and many users may not identify it as the sole option in Chrome to download blocked files. A clear warning, with the option to override, should be displayed instead, as users should be in control of the browser and not the other way around.

    Here is the older article from February... Google Chrome will block all "insecure downloads" in the near future. And the future is already here.
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