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Discussion in 'Gaming (Software and Graphics Cards)' started by adam11235, Feb 25, 2005.

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    Can someone please clarify the following for me

    All laptops screens have a native resolution.

    If you do not run the screen at its' native res then the display does not look as good? (eg. I used a 19" screen at work (desktop system, not laptop), and text looked terribly blurry until I changed the screen res to match the native res of the monitor is this the same for laptops?)

    What happens with games (eg Doom3 or Half Life 2) if you play them on your laptop at a resolution that is lower thans the screens' native resolution? Is(or how is) the visual quality affected/degraded?

    If the visuals are degraded terribly, this implies that you need a graphics card that is powerful enough to run these games at the screens' native res.

    So, if I had a 17" screen that ran at 1900 x ? resolution, am I correct in thinking that there is no mobile graphics card currently available (including the X800 and 6800 go) that can run these games at this res at an acceptable frame rate (say 30 fps)

    So if you wanted to play these games, would you say that it is better to go for a screen with a smaller res so that at least the graphics card could power the game at that native res?

    Or am I missing the idea that these games ensure their visuals are not affected/degraded at whatever res you choose to play it in (eg. playing it at 1028 x 768) on a 1900 x ? res screen?

    I hope that makes sense, cheers!
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