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My discoveries on Vaio Z’s Hybrid Graphics

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Nautis, Jan 16, 2009.

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    Good for you, Wanes085. I don't have the original files any more - I have customised it to my device and don't remember what I changed - so I was unable to upload it for you guys.
  2. gaggia

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    Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've used the custom drivers posted on this thread for my VPCZ-1290X for many years and I've experienced practically no troubles at all with them. A couple months ago I started experiencing some sort of issue with my Windows 7 installation where my SSDs kept getting packed up all the way to capacity with what seemed to be temporary files. Unless I cleared them with ccleaner ever day, the drives got packed to such an extent that I'd find my system partition with just some KBs free after a couple hours of usage, which began messing with OS stability. Either way, I reinstalled my system with the custom drivers just as before but I've experienced serious graphics performance issues since and I'm wondering whether folks here could help me out.
    Anything particularly graphics-intensive has been very slow after the reinstallation, and anything graphics-intensive puts a serious load on the CPU unlike before. In fact, I'm unable to run the graphics-intensive applications I've used prior to the reinstallation altogether. I imagine that my system is simply ignoring the dedicated graphics chip - even when the system is set to speed - and relies solely on the integrated chip. Any clue what might be wrong and whether I can get it fixed without wiping my computer all over again?

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