My biggest regret was buying a Samsung laptop.

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by IGnomeI, Jul 11, 2020.

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    Just having a bit of a rant as I don't think I am alone with Samsung laptop issues.

    I bought a NP740U3E-X01AU a few years back after considerable research into models that were available at the time and this ticked almost all the boxes I had at the time.
    A couple of months after purchase was the first time I started getting some of the issues and in hindsight I should have raise a warranty case.
    It started as a random power off where I would be working on the laptop and it would suddenly power cycle. Since then it has morphed into a range of issues, some small and some big - here is my list:

    1) Random power off
    The laptop will power off and when you try to power it back on the blue light to say the laptop is on lights up.
    - Nothing on the screen
    - No fan noise
    - No lights on the keyboard
    - Press the power button again and it will switch off or long press the power button to hard shutdown.
    - Power cable in shows the charging light on
    - Cycle this a hundred times and you may be lucky to see the F5 key flash and it boots up as normal, battery is at 100%

    2) Won't power on
    As above it won't turn on after a proper shutdown with some other fun steps
    - The same light turns on, nothing on the screen
    - Power cable in shows the charging light on
    - Fan goes to full speed
    - Soft or hard shutdown with the power button and the fan stops
    - Cycle the process to start it and the same issues happens until you happen to get a sequence right of powering off, disconnecting the charger, closing the lid, leaving it for 10 mins and throwing it across the room

    3) As I sit here now typing this I just tried to power it on and successfully got it into windows. I attempted to get into event viewer to get the error codes, as it was compiling the event list it then spooled up the fan and then powered off. Now I am stuck with the powering on issue yet again. After about 5mins with the power on and nothing on the screen the fan is now running at full speed.
    Hard power off, left it for 5mins and then powered on again. Got the boot screen, light came on F12, fan spooled up and then powered off.

    Other fun things:
    - The trackpad makes a lovely plastic cracking noise in the bottom left corner when you try and depress it to click, all other areas make what we would hear as a normal clicking noise
    - The ethernet port cover isn't spring loaded so you have to keep closing it so it doesn't catch on anything
    - The keys on the keyboard are silver and the light behind the keys is rubbish, you can barely read the letters in low light and even more so unless it is pitch black
    - The keyboard sometimes misses letters types
    - Trying to upgrade the laptop is near impossible as a few of the screws on the back seem to be fused in and upgrading the memory and drive was one of the key reasons I went with this POS.

    The only thing going for this laptop is that it looked nice.

    I learnt from my mistake and made sure everyone that was asking me about laptops I told to stay away from this brand. Just to note, this isn't something that has started happening recently, this has been going on for years.

    But enough of a rant from me, I am wondering if others are having similar issues and have come up with solutions for it as I don't want to throw this thing in the bin if there are ways of salvaging it.
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    Sounds like a motherboard problem. And yes, you should have put in a claim for it.
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    i have a samsung np300e5c for about 4 years now, and i REALLY hate this thing

    1. Linux on UEFI corrupted NVRAM and had to buy a battery to flash BIOS and fix which was annoying
    2. Power jack broke for the second time, i replaced the board on this already, and it starting to break again
    3. It now boots to the bios like 10 mins, this issue happened very recently but it takes VERY long to boot
    4. all my USB ports stopped working

    yeah, so i really regret getting it too, even a fricking 20 eur used chromebook would of lasted me longer
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