My Area 51 R2 svideo appears "dead".

Discussion in 'Alienware Desktops' started by Blazertrek50, Feb 12, 2017.

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    Yesterday I noticed that one of my tri-monitor setup screens was dark (after I awoke it). The setup I have is two monitors on one 980GTX and one on the other 980GTX. I tested the connection and indeed it is the card and not the monitors or the cables. So I connected all three screens to the one working GPU and all are functioning. Does anyone have any ideas on how I go about testing this non-functioning card to see what the problem is?
    I went to Best Buy today to look for a new video card. They really are partnering with Alienware, the nice setups they were showcasing, amazing. I am thinking of selling my Area 51 and buying the new Aurora R5 with a 1080GTX! Thoughts?
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