My 1st TB hardware failure.

Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by Toyo, Jan 14, 2018.

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    While using my CF-54 one I noticed the WWAN seemed slower for some reason. I checked and sure enough it was on 3G EVDO. I checked all the usual stuff but it would only connect to 3G. I removed the HDD caddy slapped in my W10 and the same thing was happening. That's when I figured it was either the network having issues, the SIM card failed or a bad WWAN card. I sent it in to Heartland under warranty and they replaced the WWAN card.

    Here is what is amazing. I received my return box from Heartland on a Tuesday morning. FedEx picked it back up that afternoon for it's way in for repair. Heartland received the unit at 8:15 the following morning. By 9:00 it was checked in and in queue for repair. I had it back the following morning at 8:30. That is very quick turn around to say the least. That is amazing in my opinion. The only disappointment I have is that I asked them to call me with a quote on swapping out the white emissive KB to the new red KB. I never received a call.

    It was bound to happen I guess. I believe I got my first Toughbook in 2008 with it being a CF-30 MK1. I still use it from time to time with zero issues from day one. I used them daily in the Marines though going back to the CF-25.
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    So you obviously live down the street from Heartland! :)

    It sounds like the WWAN card failed... Not the Toughbook.
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