Multimedia 2-in-1 or Laptop w/Huge Internal Storage

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    To close the loop on this - I’ve run several tests and the Asus met or exceeded my expectations for battery life! With both iTunes and VLC, I was able to play American Gangster (3 hr movie) followed by Ant Man (2 hour movie) entirely on a single charge. I had the screen brightness two notches above min, which was quite watchable in a room with the blinds closed during the day. Battery settings were set to maximize battery life for video playback and the Intel GPU. Playback was smooth and looked good, and I’m enjoying the 4K screen even though the colors aren’t quite as saturated as they were on my Yoga’s OLED screen (which wasn’t calibrated and was very likely oversaturated). The Asus’s footprint is also identical in depth and only about an inch wider than the Yoga. It’s noticeably heavier but the Yoga is very light so it’s still very manageable, especially compared to the Alienware Mx18 R2 that I used to haul around. Of course I’ve upgraded the Alienware numerous times over the years (it has 3 hard drive bays!), and it’s still humming along nicely as the main movie server in the house, so I can only hope I get that much longevity out of the Asus.

    As an aside, I found what was causing the stuttering/choppy video in iTunes on my Yoga, because it happened on the Asus too. Apparently iTunes defaults to 44.1 kHz/16 bit audio playback (which was the standard for CD’s), but Windows plays back sound at 48 kHz/24 bit. Switching iTunes to match Windows smoothed out the playback problems on both the Yoga and the Asus. I wish that the video driver for the Intel GPU allowed me to switch to 24p refresh instead of keeping me at 60p as judder is something I notice, but that’s a very minor complaint.

    Anyways, I’m very happy with my new setup. Thanks for all the help and advice here, everyone has been great!

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